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Where's Dustin?

Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

Who are we? We're just like you.  Passionate about entertainment and brimming with opinions we just can't keep to ourselves.  Games, Movies, TV, News about the aforementioned!! We got it all, we got it all on Daily Monotony.

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The Humble Scribes

Dustin Anglin

You know that guy who always seemed to know every little bit of trivia about that movie you just watched, or that guy you overhear discussing parallax mapping at lunch?  I'm him.  Squared.  Entertainment is my passion, my love, my raison d'être, and I enjoy nothing better than talking movies and games with other passionate people and spreading my love of entertainment to all I meet.

I also understand that geeking out about entertainment can lead to an "elitest" perspective from people who aren't quite so passionate.  My goal is help bridge that gap, to find that little spark of geek in you and bring it bubbling to the surface.

In my spare time I work a full time job (see what I did there) as a Program Manager on SharePoint for Microsoft in Redmond, WA.  I also enjoy fine wine and fine beer, "classical" music and NPR, making my guitar sing sweet, sweet melodies, and serving the Lord, the purveyor of my passion. 

Scott Johnsgard

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Daily Monotony's Rating System

Le Crappe

The F's, the bottom of the barrel, the embarrassing, the avoidable, le crappe du crappe, enough to make a grown Frenchman cry.  Receiving this rating means that you have done your best to make us hate that which we love, entertainment.  It's important to note that there are some fairly entertaining "bad" moves and games.  Receiving this rating means it's not one of them.

Examples: The Happening, Indiana Jones IV


The D's and C's, the forgettable but not quite bad enough to inspire vitriol or acts of violence.  Games or movies that receive this rating are those titles that you instantly forget until you see it on ABC Family five years later or in the bargain bin for two bucks at your local Gamestop.

Examples: Too Human, The Spirit

That'll do

The B's, satisfying, time well spent, but maybe not quite life changing, these movies or games will leave you at least smirking, with a 50 percent chance of scattered grinning.  Probably worthy of a Netflix or rent, and occasional worthy of the trip to a theatre or laying down some dinero at Best Buy.

Example: In Bruges, Mass Effect


The A's, true pieces of art, ridiculously rad, those titles you can't stop talking about to the chagrin of your co-workers.  These are the pieces of entertainment that if they were president, you'd take a bullet for them.  I tend to be a little thick with dolling out top honors, just ask anyone about my "best of all time" lists, but I guarantee that winners of this rating you will be remiss to miss.

Example: Portal, Wall-e