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Where's Dustin?



I've been threatening to do so for a long time and I finally got around to it.  I've made my first ever game, and in only 7 days!

The game is a procedurally generated... something that involves you playing Slenderman (from internet horror fame) who really just wants to go out and make some friends.  Poor Slenderman.

It was created as part of the Lars Doucet's Procedural Death Jam in support of

Now remember, this is both my first game (which means it's probably not very fun) and my first conding project (which means it's probably not very stable) in 5 years.  So with that caveat feel free to download the installer and give a play!

Download and play! (Only Windows PC, sorry Mac/Linux users)

*Update* A friend of mine found a bug and I've updated the game.  The existing link now has the new installer, but you'll have to untinstall the old version of the game.  If you haven't installed yet, then no probs :)

*Update 2* Here's a version for all you Mac folks:

Download and play for Mac!

*Update tres* Here's a version you can play in your bloody browser whydontcha!  I've only tested Chrome.  That is the only browser.  Plus, if your machine isn't beefy enough, it might suck.  Caveat emptor and all that.

Play in your Chrome browser yay Chrome!