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Episode 31 - Little Girls Are Creepy

10 Scary Movies for a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is special holiday for films, as despite the plethora of Christmas films, the smattering of Valentine's Day movies, and the one lone Easter picture (sorry Thanksgiving and...Presidents Day...?), no other holiday but All Hallow's Eve has spawned an entire genre of movies, the HORROR film.  However, despite being a very popular genre, the recent trend of scary movies released in theatres tend to be the worst things you ever Saw (see what I did there).  So rather than see Tired Franchise 6 this year, why not check out a frighting film from our list ten superb scarers from horror history.  That, or go see Paranormal Activity like everyone else...if you must...

LOOK BEHIND YOU!! It's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 31 - Little Girls Are Creepy

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