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Episode 33 - Cheating on the Format

2nd Annual Daily Monotony Film Awards

What better way to start the 2010 season of Weekly Monotony AND celebrate our 1 year anniversary than recapping all the great films of 2009.  I put myself to the task and asked my co-hosts to do same.  One simple goal: name your top 5 films of the year.  Of course after 2 weeks of fretting, watching, re-watching, making lists, crossing them out, and generally stressing out over my top 5, I realized the foolishness of my imposed 5-item constraint.  And whatever you feel about ranking films of disparate genres into some arbitrary order, in the end my struggle to yield only five proved to me that despite my initial concerns, 2009 was another great year for films.

You can see, by my collage of photoshoppery, which films ended being finalists, but to find out what we collectively dubbed Daily Montony's Best Film of 2009, you'll have to listen below.

Put down your Academy Awards Ballot, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 33 - Cheating on the Format


Episode 28 - Arcane Asylum

Top 5's of Summer 2009

There's a reason the first thing they teach you in computer science is how to sort a list: the internet LOVES lists.  And who are we to deny the internet our keenly honed sorting abilities?  This week we pick up the pieces from the aftermath of summer movie 'sploision cinema 2009 and report back on the good, the bad, and the Michael Bay.  Find out our Top 5's, and why sometimes you don't even have to watch a film to think it rocked...

Prime up your Netflix queue, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Mononty Episode 28 - Arcane Asylum

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Episode 14 - Fringe-Trek?

Film Review - 'Star Trek'

Could it be?  A Trek film that will appeal to both fans and joe-movie-goers at the same time?  Check out this week's podcast as we do a full sensor sweep of J.J. Abrams' rendition of the beloved sci-fi series Star Trek and figure out if such a space-time bending anomaly is possible.

Red Alert! It's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 14 - Fringe-Trek?

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