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Where's Dustin?

Episode 1A - Subcinema

Scott's Top Movies of 2008

It's the inaugural episode of the Weekly Monotony podcast!!!  With use of a little new-fangled technology and just a splash of arcane magic, we can now fill your ears with a week's worth of monotony rather than just searing little bits of it into your eyeballs at somewhat erratic intervals.

It is our first episode, so please bear with some of the wrinkles.  We promise future episodes will be thoroughly dry cleaned and pressed.  And yes, I plan on getting a windscreen for my mic...come on, we're on a budget here!

It was also a like King Solomon I've decreed that the episode be split in twain.  Check out the first half below and the show notes after the jump.

Weekly Monotony Episode 1A - Subcinema

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