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Where's Dustin?

Episode 15 - Blah Blah Blah

Film Review - "Angels & Demons"

This week is ambigram-erific, as no matter which way you look at it, it's just me on the other side of this lone podcast.  But if lone rangering the mysteries of ancient societies and catholic rituals is good enough for a slightly shorter-haired Tom Hanks, then damn-it, it's good enough for a slightly longer-haired Dustin.  Join me as I rotate the latest Ron Howard film on its side to see if "sequel to mediocre movie" reads any differently when flipped upside down.

Say three Our Fathers and two Hail Marys, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 15 - Blah Blah Blah

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Episode 14 - Fringe-Trek?

Film Review - 'Star Trek'

Could it be?  A Trek film that will appeal to both fans and joe-movie-goers at the same time?  Check out this week's podcast as we do a full sensor sweep of J.J. Abrams' rendition of the beloved sci-fi series Star Trek and figure out if such a space-time bending anomaly is possible.

Red Alert! It's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 14 - Fringe-Trek?

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Episode 13 - Shot in the Memory

Film Review - 'X-Men Origins'

Ah the first of May, what wonderful gifts you bring.  Flowers, bird song, outdoor...frolicking, and, of course, the official start of SUMMER MOVIE 'SPOLSION CINEMA (HAPPENING EVERY SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY).  And oh what a start to what is sure to be another prolific venture through that annual four months of busting blocks and record box, heralded in this year by the howls of Hugh Jackman as everyone's favorite mutant julienne slicer.  But is Wovlerine's bark bigger than its bite?   

Find out as we kick the tires and light fires, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 13 - Shot in the Memory

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Episode 12 - Urine Motif

Film Review - 'The Soloist'

As Spring comes to a close, we celebrate the incoming onslaught of summer 'splosion cinema season by taking in the last truly substinative film you will see for the next four months.  We also drop some notice on our respective top three most-excited-to-see movies of this summer's screen selection.

Hang out with us and a little Ludwig Van, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 12 - Urine Motif

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Episode 11 - Damn Fine Blogging

Film Review - 'State of Play'

Sometimes even the best of us are forced to consume our most ill-chosen words, and thankfully eating such improper predictions never tasted so good.  Find out why you should never judge a book by its cover or a movie by its trailer as we untangle the web of State of Play.  It's as big and connected as it gets, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 11 - Damn Fine Blogging


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