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Episode 20 - Like Dead Russians

Film Review - Rian Johnson's "The Brothers Bloom"

Despite this film having been out for nearly a month now, we are finally reviewing one of my favorite movies of this year, the follow up to the insanely clever neo-noir film Brick, Rian Johnson's The Brothers Bloom. But will a con-comedy (con-com?) starring Mark Ruffalo, Adrian Brody and Rachel Weisz bloom so brilliantly in the average movie goer's garden that they too would pick it and put it in vase next to a full spread breakfast and a tall glass of orange juice on a bright summer morning?

Shut up and eat your waffles, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 20 - Like Dead Russians

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Episode 19 - Heliocentric

Backlog Film Review - Danny Boyle's "Sunshine"

Even if the past few weeks have been a bit of a lull in summer-movie-splosion-season, if there's been an abundance of anything, it's been good old UV rays from our star buddy, Sol (that's the Sun to those not on a first name basis).  And to celebrate our skin-cancer inducing heavenly body, we decided to dig into our backlog and pull up one of my favorite science fiction films, the 2007 Danny Boyle (no relation to Susan Boyle you crazy youtubers!!!) flick Sunshine.  But can the maker of the Academy Award winning Slumdog Millionaire really excel in the cold, Hindu-less depths of outerspace?

Slather on some SPF 50 and find out, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 19 - Heliocentric

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Episode 18 - E3 Hangover

Film Review - "The Hangover" & E3 Post Mortem

Yup, that's what every game pundit looked like last Friday morning as the the week-long game-fest ended with the setting of an 8-bit sun into a perfectly raytraced, California ocean. How fitting that this week's podcast combines the humours woes of alcohol induced stupor with the recap of E3's official return to sardine-packed, game-y goodness.  Find out this week if the summer's stab at the three stooges comedy from the director of Old School goes down smooth, and learn what games you should line up for weeks in advance with PAX roles around this fall.

Pop some aspirin and get the joe a'brewing, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 18 - E3 Hangover

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Episode 17 - UPlifting

UPparently it's impossible for the UPstart animation studio. Pixar, to do anything other than UPhold their UPstanding record of UPplause worthy UPlomb.  Needless to say if you are looking for the kind of film that will pick you UP from your UPtherwise...ok I'll stop.  But seriously, this has to be one of the finest films produced by this already outstanding group of natural born storytellers.  But is it as Nathan Fillion twittered, the quintessential "prove if my date is a robot" test?  Listen UP and find out.

UP, UP and away, it's Weekly Monotony.

By the way, if you are looking for the photoshop of our faces, we're there, can you find us?


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Episode 16 - Gi-ant Ro-bot

Film Review - "Terminator Salvation"

Come with me if you want to li..sten to this week's machinations and musings on the fourth installment of mechanized movie mayhem, Terminator Salvation.  Can director McG oil the joints of this rusty franchise or will Skynet finally win by making us give up on this obvious message from the future warning of the impending doom of artificial intelligence? Hmm, "McG" sounds like what a machine would call itself!!!

It's time to get self-aware, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monontony Episode 16 - Gi-ant Ro-bot

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