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Episode 30 - Bandwidth Issues

Film Reviews - The Informant and Surrogates

It's a been a week or two, but we're back and running with our double feature of reviews for Steven Soderberg's zany character comedy The Informant and Jonathan Mostow's adaptation of the indie-hit graphic novel Surrogates.  Discover the ironies of Matt Damon gaining forty pounds to look like an old man while Bruce Willis goes from meatbag to metalhead in the quest to younger facade and stay tuned past the reviews as we chat about the myth and realities of Surrogate robot bodies, and why piloting one around might just ruin your next cruise down the interstate.

Sit back in your stem chair and put your money on lysene, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 30 - Bandwidth Issues

The music for the intro and outro are both from The Informant soundtrack by legendary film composer and song writer Marvin Hamlisch (The Sting), and is just a sample of what I think is one of the best film scores this year.

Show Notes:

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Episode 29 - Nerdflu

Film Review - Gamer and 9

In case you are wondering, the strain of H1N1 that was spawned during the Penny Arcade Expo, now classified as "nerdflu," is capable of being transmitted not only to other PAX attendees, but to your computer as well!  That's right, our recording software caught a nasty case of PAX-POX and failed to record the first half of show.  Thankfully it cut out halfway through and we were able to get the movie reviews captured.  So I guess that makes it "half" of a show, but since we review two movies, maybe it all works out in end...maybe.

Call up your doctor and get a flu shot, It's Weekly Monotony.

Weeky Monotony Episode 29 - Nerdflu

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Episode 28 - Arcane Asylum

Top 5's of Summer 2009

There's a reason the first thing they teach you in computer science is how to sort a list: the internet LOVES lists.  And who are we to deny the internet our keenly honed sorting abilities?  This week we pick up the pieces from the aftermath of summer movie 'sploision cinema 2009 and report back on the good, the bad, and the Michael Bay.  Find out our Top 5's, and why sometimes you don't even have to watch a film to think it rocked...

Prime up your Netflix queue, it's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Mononty Episode 28 - Arcane Asylum

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Episode 27 - Grazie

Film Review - "Inglourious Basterds"

Quentin Taratino is an inglorious bastard.  He doesn't deny it, his films don't deny it, it's simply the kind of person he is.  But damn, can he make a movie.  This week we review his most recent piece of pulp fiction, a Spaghetti Western that takes place once upon a time in Nazi occupied France, Inglourious Basterds.  But just because I said he can make a movie, that doesn't mean I'm saying I liked it.  Or did I? 

Ya vol! It's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 26 - Grazie


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Episode 26 - Sliced Bread: The Movie

Film Review - "District 9"

I've always said the best movies lead to the best conversations, and if how long we can talk about this film is any measure, District 9 must have been the best movie we've all seen in a long, long time. That, or we just don't know when to shut up. Either is likely. Check it out as we delve deep into the world of Neil Blomkamp's directorial debut, District 9,and learn whether his docu-drama alien action thriller is worthy of a solid hour and half of blathering, or whether the film, much like our podcast, is fit for non-humans only.

No non-humans beyond this point. It's Weekly Monotony.

Weekly Monotony Episode 26 - Sliced Bread: The Movie

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